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Frequently Asked Questions

What are swirl marks and how do they affect my vehicle’s appearance?

Swirl marks are tiny, light scratches that negatively affect the overall look of your vehicle. When your vehicle’s surface is riddled with swirl marks, it will not have a shiny finish because the surface is not flat. In order to make your car look its best, these swirl marks need to be removed through a process known as paint correction.

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of microscopically filing down the paint to remove swirl marks and other types of micro-marring. This multi-step process, when properly executed, will re-level your vehicle’s paint to a degree, thus removing surface scratches and leaving the paint looking brand new.

What is the difference between polishing and waxing?

The purpose of wax is to act as a barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the elements. It protects paint from water and UV damage. Polish is used during the paint correction process to eliminate micro marring and has no protective abilities.

Do new cars need to be detailed?

Unfortunately, due to factors like large-scale production or improper shipping practices, it is not uncommon for new vehicles to arrive at a dealership needing minor corrective work. Be sure to inspect your car before you accept delivery and let your dealer know what your expectations of the vehicle’s condition are when negotiating the sale. Also, as it goes with mechanical maintenance, preventative maintenance is very important to keep your vehicle in good condition cosmetically. By implementing preventative measures such as high quality paint sealants and paint protection films, you will be taking steps to preserve your vehicle's future value.

What is clear bra?

Clear bra, or paint protection film, is a layer of clear film that adheres to a vehicle’s paint. Most commonly, it is applied to high-wear areas where the vehicle is susceptible to rock chips, bug damage, or abrasion. The film acts as a barrier and shields these areas from any debris or other forms of wear and tear that they might come into contact with.

Why use Xpel?

We use Xpel because we believe that their films are the highest quality films that are currently on the market. On top of that, Xpel’s warranty program outlasts that of their competitors.

How do you maintain a clear bra?

Clear bras need to be maintained just like any other surface of your vehicle. Normal washing techniques can be used to keep them clean; and they should have a sealant applied to them every few months to maximize the life of the film (unless you opt to have one of our premium sealants like Opti-Coat Pro or Wolfs Body Wrap applied to the film).

Why do you recommend paint sealants over traditional waxes?

Traditional waxes have their place in the automotive industry, but we feel that, for a daily driver, you’ll get more value for your money out of a paint sealant. Paint sealants are more durable than traditional waxes, and generally have a “brighter” look to them. However, we do carry a range of traditional waxes that can be applied should you prefer it.

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