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Additional services that can be added to the basic, premium, or restoration packages.

  • Opti-Coat Pro - One of the most advanced paint sealants out there. One application of this product will protect your paint from the wears and tears of driving for years to come.
  • Wolf's Hard Body - A powerful Nano sealant that provides superior protection against UV damage, dirt, and other harmful contaminants. Lasts up-to two years.
  • Paint Touch-Up - If your car has rock chips or deep scratches, we can fix that for you.
  • Glass Sealants - Improve your vehicle's safety by coating your vehicle's glass with our superior glass sealants. These will keep rain water rolling off your windshield for months, not weeks.
  • Convertible Top Care - Protect your car's top from the elements by properly cleaning it and applying our fabric sealant.
  • Overspray Removal - Remove that rough feeling contamination from your vehicle.
  • Orange Peel Removal - Got a lot of texture in your paint? We can fix that.
  • Headlight Restoration - We'll get rid of that nasty haze on your headlamps and keep them looking good for many years to come.
  • Engine Detail - We'll safely remove all the gunk and grime in your engine compartment so you can proudly show off what's under the hood.
  • Odor Elimination - If your vehicle's plagued by foul odors, then contact us today about remedying the situation.
  • Leather Conditioning - Whether you have cardboard stiff leather or you're just trying to keep your interior looking and feeling new, our leather conditioning systems have you covered.
  • Pet Hair Removal - Remove that pesky pet hair that's trapped in your vehicle.

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