Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new and improved Concours Detailing website. Concours Detailing is a small, comprehensive Auto detailing facility located in Montgomery Alabama. We specialize in the detailing of, protection of, and cosmetic reconditioning of vehicles.

What does that mean exactly? In addition to providing regular detailing services, we can provide whatever services necessary to return your vehicle to factory fresh condition. Not only that, but we can protect your vehicle with the highest standards of cosmetic care available to date.

If you’re interested in having an extremely durable paint sealant applied to your vehicle, protecting your vehicle from the wear and tear of daily driving by installing Paint Protection Film, or protecting the interior surfaces with stain resistant nano treatments, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to provide your vehicle with the protection necessary to keep it looking good as new.

We also offer Xpel’s Paint Protection films. Xpel is currently a leader in Paint Protection film technology and they manufacture some of the best film and most accurate template patterns on the market today. Their Ultimate film utilizes self healing technology and comes with a 10 year warranty. You can read more about Xpel’s film offerings as well as look up templates for your vehicle at their website:

Xpel Paint Protection Film

Also, we can customize the appearance of your vehicle through the use of vinyl wrap. Say you’ve just bought a new car with a regular paint job, but you’ve always wanted to have a matte black paint job. Painting the car can damage the resale value of the vehicle. Not only that, but matte paints are difficult to maintain. Why not consider a matte vinyl wrap for your vehicle? A color change vinyl wrap can provide you with nearly unlimited customization options without damaging the resale value of your vehicle. They’re completely removable, so any vinyl install can be reversed if desired, and, in most cases, they’re easier to maintain than traditional paint. Talk to us about using vinyl to customize the look of your vehicle today!

Don’t forget to check in periodically to look at our blog and see what we’ve been up to. We look forward to getting to know you more.

Donald Fazekas
Owner, Concours Detailing